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Gamification: MarsLander

Agile and ITSM, something which is on the agenda of many organisations for some time now. It is hot, but how do you take it up. Why not experience it in a fun and controlled way, doing the MarsLander game from GamingWorks. They have already a proven track record in the ITSM gamification world with Apollo13, helping organisations around the world how to better deal with service management challenges. This game takes it one step further. The focus is no longer the Moon, but Mars. The stakes are higher, the challenges bigger and the need to deliver faster more demanding.

It requires agility and lean thinking to keep up the pace. All teams need to be involved and understand their role in the complex ecosystem. How can guarantee be build in to assure all components work together flawlessly. The software, hardware and service development need to be in sync. Missing out will affect the delivery flow and endangering the mission.

You need to gear up, work fast, but still deliver high quality components. Space can become a one-way journey quick. Don’t want to hear ‘Houston we have a problem’ during this adventure! You need to reinvent yourself. It means you need to learn quick during assembly by experimenting, failing fast and doing rework as needed. All within the expected deadlines. You will experience to develop capabilities in small steps, continually validated by the customer. This creates an environment of continuous learning and value alignment.

Due to the complexity, it requires also strong partnerships with suppliers as dependencies are extremely tight. At the same time they need to be flexible, allowing this agile new way of working. That necessitates the multifunctional teams to share, be transparent and co-create. The dictated pace against which the work has to progress, must not get obstructed. On top of that, to guarantee operational readiness, all delivered material requires a ‘first-time-right’ quality stamp. Room for error is near to zero.

Intrigued? Like to take up a challenge? Well, we have the package for you that is just right. By enlisting as a MarsLander team member, your mission will be “Launch a rocket with MarsLander, bring it to Mars and collect valuable data for Universities and Research Centers”.
This simulation game is played in 4 rounds. You will be able to prepare the mission, launch in a very small window of opportunity, travel to Mars and explore the landscape of the planet.

Each round will bring challenges you can only cope as a team with a common goal. You will experience first-hand the challenge of what being agile and lean means in a service management context.


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Course Objectives

Depending on the intake session results, emphasis will be on your own specific needs and learning objectives. In general, these are the main objectives:

  • How to become a flexible service organization that respond rapidly to changing demands?
  • How to continuously improve our services?
  • How to become more customer focused, and develop this ‘customer thinking’ into our teams?
  • How can service teams help and how to create high performing teams?
  • How can we visualize our work, using KanBan?
  • How can we increase the flow of work?
  • How can we integrate vendors into our services?
  • How to work closer together with development?
  • How to effective manage workload (end-to-end) and how to reduce unplanned work?
  • How to increase customer and employee satisfaction

Typical Audience

This simulation is targeted at all roles and employees in Business, IT Development and IT Operations who want to increase the business value they add to the business, who want to be more responsive to the demands for rapid changes, and who want to move towards Agile Service management. This simulation is about exploring and experiencing how you can transform your current IT organization into a more Agile and Lean organization.

Course Prerequisites

Some basic IT Service Management understanding.

Course Delivery

Throughout the 1 day course, an accredited trainer and senior ITSM consultant lectures, shares experiences and gives exercises based on real world cases.

Courses can be given in English or in Dutch. Course material is in English.

Course Venue

The course duration is 1 days. This course can be given at the client’s site or at CTG.

Course Administration


By Participant: If a subscribed course participant is replaced by another participant or if the public course is postponed to a later date, no cancellation costs apply. A participant or a group that fails to attend, or that cancels a course without at least 15 working days written notice prior to the course start, is liable for the full subscription cost.
By CTG: CTG reserves the right to cancel a course at any time.

Course Logistics

All classroom courses begin promptly at 9:00 am and are scheduled until 5 pm.
All courses are organised at the CTG premises in Diegem (Belgium). All courses can be given at the client site and are available for groups as we ll. Please contact us if you wish further information. The standard language of each course is English.

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