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PRINCE2® 6th Edition Practitioner

Projects In Controlled Environments

PRINCE2® stands for Projects In Controlled Environments and is a structured method of effective project management. It gives a written description of how to manage a project in a logical, organised way, following defined steps. It can be applied to all kinds of projects and situations. PRINCE2® is rapidly becoming an international standard, with organisations around the world using it as their preferred approach to managing projects…

A successful method for project management

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of PRINCE2® is that many organisations have recognised that writing their own customised set of standards can be a time-consuming and costly business. The savings in using an existing best practice standard and flexing it to the organisation's needs are highly attractive. The use of PRINCE2® is free. Users can employ the method for their own projects without being tied to specific consultants. As a result, there are already thousands of people around the world who are fully qualified as PRINCE2® practitioners. This creates a virtuous circle: the more people who have taken the PRINCE2® exams, the more benefit there is in organisations adopting it, and the more organisations that adopt it, the more people there will be who become qualified to use it.


There are many other benefits of PRINCE2®. It embodies established and proven best practices in project management, and is widely recognised and understood, providing a common language for all project participants. It encourages formal recognition of responsibilities within a project and focuses on what a project is to deliver, why, when and for whom. By using PRINCE2®, project managers can divide the project into manageable stages that enable them to plan accurately. That way you finish your projects on time, within budget and without those sleepless nights.

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Course Objectives

The course is run in a workshop format that encompasses a wide range of useful, practical activities.

Using case studies, the course delegates learn how to apply the PRINCE2® methodology and associated management products.

Group activities encourage the delegates to analyse and discuss the key elements of PRINCE2® while providing practical examples of how to implement PRINCE2® and tailor it to meet different project requirements.

Descriptions of exam components and strategies and discussions of sample test questions ensure that the delegates are well prepared for the Practitioner exam on the third day.

Typical Audience

This course is aimed at candidates with a PRINCE2® 5th or 6th edition Foundation certificate who wish to enhance their qualifications by obtaining Practitioner certification.

Course Prerequisites

Project managers and team managers who hold

  • The PRINCE2® (5th or 6th edition) Foundation certificate or
  • The PMP/CAPM certificate or
  • The IPMA level A, B, C, D certificate.

Course Delivery

  • This course is always offered with the exam

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